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Raising A Reader’s ten years of outcome data demonstrate the significant effects it can have on the development of language and early literacy skills in young children.


Affiliate Impact:

Smart Start, Oklahoma
“Raising A Reader helped with developing social skills as younger siblings learned from older brothers and sisters, modeling new behaviors.  One child would try to read to her little sister. Older siblings were drawn into these social interactions as well.  Raising A Reader has also affected other family members. An autistic child took a special interest in his younger brother, reading the books to his brother with no problem. A special bond was born. It seemed that everybody wanted to be a part of Raising A Reader.”

- Bentham & Associates, Inc., Principal Researchers,“Measuring the Impact of Raising A Reader
in a Native American Community” August 2007

Raising A Reader Massachusetts
“At one event I had the opportunity to meet with 50 women, many in native garb, and my presentation was simultaneously translated into 4 languages-Somali, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese.  Many of the women were non-readers, even in their native language, but were thrilled to learn how they could share books with their children though they are not able to read the words. We distributed the Raising A Reader bags to some very excited children following the talk and their enthusiasm, coupled with their mothers’ newfound abilities in dialogic reading, lead me to believe the shared book experience is happening in the homes of those most vulnerable families.”

- Donna DiFillippo, Executive Director

United Way of Southampton Roads, Norfolk, Virginia
“One local mother told us that her 8 year-old could not read and that she herself did not graduate from High School, but that her 4 year-old was learning to read because of Raising A Reader. She also shared that because of Raising A Reader, she was learning to read and she had been inspired to go back to school to get her GED.”

- Sarah Bishop, Director, Success by 6

Unity Council, Oakland, California
“Raising a Reader helps children and families prepare for the challenges of organizing and turning in homework on the date it is due. The book bags teach children to keep school materials stored in an orderly manner and the fact bags are rotated means that children and families need to return the books on time. Both of these skills are critical to success in the school years.”   

- Elizabeth Acosta-Crocker, Director of Children & Family Services

Roaring Fork Valley Early Learning Fund, Greenwood Springs, Colorado
“Raising A Reader gives Spanish speaking parents the ability to practice reading basic English in the privacy of their home which begins to build confidence to read outside the home.”

-Dawn Ryan, Preschool Teacher

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